MSL East Africa is a registered Trust and began operations in Kenya in 2010. Since then, we have been supporting Christian Mission workers among several unreached communities in the Northern and Coastal parts of Kenya where the need for Gospel is greatest. Some of these include; the Somali, Munyoyaya, Aweer, Ilchamus, Dasaanach, Digo, Waata and so on.



To raise prayer, financial, material and other resources for all aspects of missions, through the mobilisation of the Church for the salvation of nations.


Our Vision

A God centred and dynamic missions support movement committed to the wholistic transformation of the peoples of the world.



The vision of MSL is anchored on a biblical foundation contained in Exodus 17:8-13. In this Scripture we are told of the encounter between the Israelites and the Amalekites. The story depicts a picture of the Church’s advance. Joshua and the fighting men on the battle front represent the missionaries, while Moses Aaron and Hur typify believers providing prayer and material support. We believe that for world missions to succeed, the support team must play its role just as effectively as the frontline mission workers. Joshua and the fighting men won by the support of Moses, Aaron and Hur on the mountain top. This partnership between supporters and the missionaries informs our operations at MSL. Other scriptures that back our belief include Luke 10:1-8 and Romans 10:14-15.



  • Establishment and Nurture of Chapters
  • Adoption of unreached people groups
  • Mobilization of prayers for strategic work on mission fields
  • Mobilization of funds to resource all aspects of mission
  • Creation of mission awareness in churches
  • Community development through projects on mission fields
  • Partnership and networking with mission agencies and churches