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We live in a time of great opportunities. The 21st century has brought major changes taking place in every sector of society all over the world. Life on earth is being redefined. But in the midst of such rapid changes, the Commission that Jesus Christ gave to His Church remains unchanging.

“Go… and make disciples of all nations”- Mathew 28:19

In the last 2000 years that this mandate was given, Christ’s mission has been extended to every geographical country on earth. But there are still thousands of people groups (language-based nations) around the world that have no access to the Gospel. In Kenya, there are at least 23 of such nations (tribes) that are yet to be reached, having less than 2% indigenous believers in Christ.

“How can they call upon whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe if they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach without being sent?- Romans 10:13-15

The need to send and support missionaries to these unreached people groups gave rise to the Missions Supporters League (MSL).

MSL is an international Movement of Christians united in partnership with mission agencies and missionaries since 1998. Our mission is to raise prayer, financial and material resources for all aspects of missions, through the mobilization of the church for the salvation of nations. Over 100 chapters in some African countries have partnered with missionaries to take the Gospel to the unreached nations over the years.

MSL East Africa is a registered Trust and began operations in Kenya by 2010. Since then we have been supporting Christian mission workers among several unreached communities in the Northern and Coastal parts of Kenya where the need for the Gospel is greatest. Some of these include the Somali, Munyoyaya, Aweer, Ilchamus, Dasaanach, Digo, Waata and so on.

What is an Unreached People Group?

An Unreached People Group (UPG) is any distinct ethnic group that is less than 2% Christian.

There are an estimated 11,300 people groups in the world today, each distinct from one another by virtue of their culture, language or geographical location. Of those, about 7,000 fall into the UPG category. Those groups are as large as the 16 million Somali people spread across the Horn of Africa and as small as the 2000 Elmolo people of around Lake Turkana.

Many UPGs have no Bible in their language and no disciple-making churches.

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